Hemorrhoid’s: A Pain in the Butt

If you have a problem with hemorrhoids, you understand how big of a pain in the butt they can be. Hemorrhoids are both embarrassing and irritating. There is no reason to resign yourself to suffering if you are afflicted with hemorrhoids, though. Below are some helpful tips to help you ease the pain and prevent more hemorrhoids in the future.

If you have hemorrhoids, avoid using dry tissue paper after having about movement. Dry tissue paper is very rough on hemorrhoids and can scratch them while wiping. This could cause them to bleed. Instead of using toilet paper, try using tissue paper that is wet or running water instead.

Witch hazel is great for relieving the discomfort that comes with hemorrhoids. Not only is it an astringent, but it can help strict or shrink the hemorrhoid tissue, thus helping it to heal. Simply use a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel and apply it for around five minutes the affected area. You can also add witch hazel to your bath water.

You can help your problem with hemorrhoids by eating a diet with many vegetables and fruits. The high amounts of fiber in this helps soften your bowel movements, making it easier to defecate without irritation.

Limit a number of spices that you eat at home or out in a restaurant you suffer from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are irritated by spicy foods and can leave you feeling quite uncomfortable. You can help control your hemorrhoids by eliminating all spicy foods from your diet.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea on how to deal with your android problem. There are many steps available to help those who suffer from hemorrhoids fight against their affliction. You no longer have to sit down and deal with hemorrhoids. Instead, use the advice above to help you deal with them quickly and prevent more from attacking you in the future.